Monday, March 11, 2013

Exploring an island.

Well I am back after a very long break, I have missed keeping a record of our days. I like to be able to look back to see the children grow, to remember the normal little every day parts of our life at present which do change and the memories of them do fade. So Im starting again.

Goat Island

It seemed to some of the children that Goat Island was misnamed as when we arrived yesterday it was neither an island nor were there any goats. However it was a wonderful place to explore, and imagine and daydream . 
 With the tide at it's lowest we could walk on dry ground all the way out and thankfully all the way back too.

Still the the trek out was rather troublesome for some of our explorers!

You can imagine the excitement when the girls discovered a cave. Who need the famous five?
The contrast of colours was stunning yesterday, the sky was a cloudless blue and the lichen on the rocks such a deep orange.

 The children led the way bushbashing through tangled branches and squeezing though small tunnels, all very exciting for those who could simply bend to make their way through.
 But for the largest party members it was a little more difficult even on hands and knees. 
 I loved watching the children's excitement, pure joy on their faces. 
 Every high point was climbed, naturally. We let the boys run ahead at the beginning which cut out the competition, keeping things peaceful. 
This summer has been so lovely weather wise we haven't been out and about as much as I would have liked but days like this one will be remembered. 

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